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More Sculpture… coming soon!

Why hello!

So I’ve mostly been working on my comic project with James as I say, but recently I received an email from the Pier Arts Centre in Orkney inviting me to exhibit in their Orkney Graduates show. It’ll be taking place between February and March of next year (2013) though I think dates are still uncertain at this stage.

I’ve decided to make something new for the show, (mostly because of the contempt I feel for most of the stuff I created during uni…) so I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to make. Animal forms are definitely high up in the list as usual, and I was thinking of potentially revisiting the black silicone I used before, as I feel like I haven’t used the material to its full potential just yet. We shall see! Drawings and brainworks may be afoot!

Despite the rising fear of coming back to contemporary sculpture, I’m really excited to be exhibiting in Orkney, especially in the Pier Arts Centre and alongside friends.