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Hello, is it me you’re looking for? …didn’t think so,

Right so I’m thinking of giving this site a bit of an overhaul. In retrospect I am not a big fan of my stuff from college so I think I might start over. Whether I’ll keep my old posts on here or not is still undecided!

So, meanwhile, hang tight, if anybody is still out there.

I’ve been working on a few things here and there, I did a prosthetics course where I learned the basics of casting a head and creating a plat gel face application, and I also did some work experience on a real life set for a TV show pilot! But I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to post about that. Maybe I’ll update you if it actually gets signed to a broadcaster!

I’ve done a couple of other bits and bobs, and I’m thinking of creating a tumblr for any drawings I do, which I’ll link to this blog.

Wellp, that’s it, maybe you’ll be hearing from me soon!


Mini Hiatus

So I must apologise for being so absent lately – I am currently between flats, and working on taking a good rest after the Show. I’ve got some images of the dismantling of the show (sticks and twigs EVERWHERE) so I’ll no doubt post those next time.

On Thursday I’m off to Crete for a couple of weeks, so, depending on the state of the internet there, I may or may not be posting. I plan to get some drawing and writing done while I’m there, as it’s a good setting to get the creative juices flowing.

Once I’m settled into my new flat at the end of July, I’ll get back into a regular posting schedule.

Until next time, adios!


A Nice Surprise

So an image of mine has been used on the info page for the Degree Show! I’m thrilled!

Meanwhile, the show is opening to the public tomorrow! Last night was the busniess opening, and tonight is the friends and family private view. It’s exciting, but… I’m just so exhausted. I’ve been running around trying to fix things for the last few days and I think I’ve finally run out of juice! I can’t wait for a nice rest.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a couple of other projects in the pipeline, but I don’t have much to show just now. I’ll keep the info coming though, as things move along!

I’ll possibly post some images of the private view, I’m still deliberating on whether or not to bring my camera…


Happy Easter!

So I haven’t updated for a while because I haven’t really been making any art. The last week or so we’ve been clearing and painting our studios, which is a mighty task, believe me. The studio I’m using for the show is the one the postgrads were using right at the front of the building. I’m thrilled I have the space because of the light it gets, but it’s a pretty shabby space… and it’s only something you notice when you have to repaint and sand every surface.

Anyway when I haven’t been painting I’ve had the chance to chill out a bit. I’ve really needed it, I felt like I’d been on high gear for weeks and needed to slow down before I crashed. It’s been great. I got the chance to complete Portal 2 on the xbox… absolutely stunning game.

But, as time marches on, I’ll have to pull myself back up into work mode again. It’s gona be a hectic few weeks before our deadline on the 13th of May… wish me luck. I’ll be posting now and again hopefully, probably mostly about the space and how my stuff’s looking.

Until next time, enjoy your eggs.