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A quick look back…

Here’re some images from the prosthetics short-course I did in Glasgow in August ’11.

These photos don’t include the lengthy process of casting our own faces, and creating fibreglass positives of our face to build the clay on top of. Just the sculpting and application process.

Here’s the clay sculpt I made on top of my own face.

What I sculpt in the positive is directly cast into silicone, like so! You can see how thick the silicone is in places, and how thin and translucent it is in others. We used platinum based silicone for this cast, which is an absolutely amazing material (but very expensive…)

I had a little bit extra so I uh, smeared it all over my arm and added some fake blood. I will not be doing that again… it took a lot of my arm hair with it when I peeled it off…

So here he is after many, many hours of colouring. Because of the flexible nature of the silicone, you can’t straight up paint it because the paint cracks and flakes off. So to colour the silicone I had to mix oil paint with a very small amount of the plat gel silicone, and some white spirit to thin it out. To keep as much of the skin texture as I could, I had to keep the layers very thin, and just add washes one by one. It took me 10 hours to get to this stage.

Next up was hair punching. To embed the hair into the silicone, you have to stab small strands of hair in one by one, and dictate the direction of the hair. Sounds boring, but I found this part strangely therapeutic.

Eyebrow close-up.

Here’s a fellow student kindly glueing the appliance to my face. Yes, that’s me!

Full appliance with teeth and my hair covering the seams. Sadly we were pushed for time so we couldn’t affix the eye “flaps” to my eyelids so they look a bit rubbish.

Showing the flexibility of the appliance (despite being very thick in places)

My lovely crusty face after removal of my friend.

Despite being so tired I was basically dead on my feet at the end of the course, it was one of the most beneficial things I’ve done in regards to my career. I basically learned the fundamental practices for being a prosthetic make-up artist. Couldn’t have been happier with the outcome too.

More another time pals.