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Don’t wait for me

Well hello!

So I’ve not been focusing on sculpture at all lately. I’m currently working on a project with my boyfriend which will eventually become a comic; which we may or may not post online. In preparation for this alongside the writing, I’ve been practicing my drawing, which you can see the results of on my tumblr.

I’ve got a long way to go, guys. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile I won’t be updating here much, but feel free to check on my tumblr if you ever wish to know if I’m doing anything at all ever.

Goodbye for now!


Paws in the photography studio

Here’s a quick drawing I made a while ago:

It was an idea I’ve been wanting to try out for ages. And now, after a lot of failed prototypes, I’ve finally made the paw gloves (I settled with latex again, trying to sew them was a disaster. And aside from good ol’ latex no other material would stretch and keep its shape quite as well…). And thanks to my wonderful flatmate and photographer mister Thomas Morgan giving me access to the photography studio, being lighting and photography and basically everything man, the following images were able to come into being.

Of course, I must apologise for the quality and colour variances in some of the photos. I edited a couple of them very quickly and with about as much sensitivity as an angry rhinoceros, so I could print them out quickly to put in my development portfolio (the deadline was yesterday and I was a little bit stretched for time). What with all the degree show preparing going on right now I just can’t spend the time editing them nicely, though I should, and will. Ach, I also need to photoshop out some of the flaws in the glove/paws and that stain on the bottom of the dress. But whatever, you can pretend you didn’t notice, right?

Anyway, here’re some.



The paws burnt out in this one a little. I’m sorry Thomas.


So that was fun.

See you crazy kids next time.