Happy Easter!

So I haven’t updated for a while because I haven’t really been making any art. The last week or so we’ve been clearing and painting our studios, which is a mighty task, believe me. The studio I’m using for the show is the one the postgrads were using right at the front of the building. I’m thrilled I have the space because of the light it gets, but it’s a pretty shabby space… and it’s only something you notice when you have to repaint and sand every surface.

Anyway when I haven’t been painting I’ve had the chance to chill out a bit. I’ve really needed it, I felt like I’d been on high gear for weeks and needed to slow down before I crashed. It’s been great. I got the chance to complete Portal 2 on the xbox… absolutely stunning game.

But, as time marches on, I’ll have to pull myself back up into work mode again. It’s gona be a hectic few weeks before our deadline on the 13th of May… wish me luck. I’ll be posting now and again hopefully, probably mostly about the space and how my stuff’s looking.

Until next time, enjoy your eggs.



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