A tale of trees and black silicone

So the branch I’m going to use in my degree show is one I happened to spot out of my bedroom window a while ago.

It fell off a tree ages back when it was incredibly stormy. I’ve been looking at it for months and it only hit me a few weeks back that maybe I could actually take it. Anyway, it looked to be a reasonable size from my second floor window, but after a bit of scrutiny I realised that it was 4 metres long and impossible to put in a moving vehicle of any kind (that was accessible to me anyway). It’s been on the ground for a while, so it’s dried out a bit, meaning it isn’t so heavy.

So as it turned out, yesterday, my lovely boyfriend James and my lovely afore-mentioned flatmate Thomas helped me carry (well, they carried, I kind of… directed?) branchy to college. So now… well, see for yourself.

Now it’s here a feel a lot better. I’ve been pretty stressed lately. This is the very last week of studio time before we have to clear out to paint the studios!

Anyway so I’ve also been working on my hanging crows.

They are slowly beginning to look less simple and rubbish.

MEANWHILE! I ordered some bits of crows from ebay. I got some talons, and I just love them.

I’m planning on arranging the feet and some wings I also ordered on some cavases and displaying them alongside the crow tree.

I recieved some more crow wings in the post today and used them too.

So there we are. I’m sure I’ll be freaking out plenty before the end of the week so its nice to be feeling in control just now.

Bye for now.



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