Venturing forth into the outside world…

Hi again ladies and gentlemen.

Today I decided to take some stuff on a walk and put it in trees and that. Since I’m going to be having tree brances in my degree show I figured I’d have a look and see how the latex dog stuff looks in the context I’m going to be setting up in the space.

Not too bad, it turns out, but maybe it’s just because they look like a pair of discarded shoes.

Anyway so the crows are still happening, slowly. I made a few and began covering them with the silicone, but sadly, I ran out of it. I thought I had plenty of cartridges of the stuff, but, despite the very, very similar packaging, I’d ordered three cartridges of the wrong stuff. Aside from the word “super” on the front, nothing on the packaging, let alone the tiny image that amazon provided, told me that it was, in fact, butyl rubber instead of silicone.You can see a small patch of it on the crow on the right hand side. Not what I was after.

So now I have to wait while the silicone I ordered arrives. What a pain! Anyway while I was out I decided to take some of the silicone I’d formed into a membrane to see how it interacts with the real world.

Actually, the photograph I used as the header of this site was taken back when I was using silicone membranes and draping them over plants and natural forms last year. Me and my flatmate Thomas (who is studying photography) collaborated to create some nice images of those. So I guess this is sort of a throwback? Anyway I love this material so much. It’s so gross and wonderful.

Anyway so I took my first, mostly covered crow out with me and combined the silicone membrane with him to just test the elongated-mass-coming-out-of-his-tail idea.

But doing this has made me think maybe what I’m doing isn’t so good after all. I might need to rethink the shape of these guys. Mind you, I’ve been looking at them for so long, maybe I just need a break. While he looks like a simplified doll of a bird, is that a good thing? Huh, we’ll see I guess.



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