Hanging stuff

Here’re two pieces I made fairly recently using the paw pouches I showed you a few posts ago. In the first one, I decided to paint the latex black, to change the quality of the material; I’d gotten a bit sick of looking at the orange latex.

Mini binbag?

So despite the nice colour, I totally lost the skin-like surface of the latex, so I decided not to paint them in further pieces. As we’d had a crit during this Project Space with students from the Royal College of Art in London, and they’d questioned me on their presentation, for my next piece I decided to try bunching them up and hanging them with twine to change the presentation and therefore the quality of them as objects…

I didn’t really like the piece as a whole but the combination of the twine and the bunched up latex worked quite well. I liked the hanging paws but I didn’t think the head was as successful. I tried it by itself:

…but I think I still prefer the paws.



One response to “Hanging stuff

  1. These have such a sad echo to the galgos (spanish greyhounds) who are commonly hung from trees at the end of the hunting season. Not sure if that’s your intent (have to look further at your work, as I just stumbled across this post). Very striking, no matter what your intent was.

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