Looking back again… Mannequins

So, looking back once more, we come to the dog mannequin.

I wanted to make just a blank, white, dog shape to ‘model’ some of the skins I’d been making. I really didn’t like how he came out at all. Anatomically incorrect, wonky (I even had to put cardboard tubes under his feet to keep him standing), proportionally awful… I threw him together really quickly with chicken wire and papier mache, hoping that the vague dog shape could be covered with the skins.

As it happened they didn’t really, so I was still feeling bad about him and gearing up to make a new one when I had a tutorial with a couple of my tutors, and they reacted to him in a way I wouldn’t have expected.

They both leapt out of their chairs after seeing a photo and demanded that I set him up so they could see him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my tutors more excited about something I’d made… and I didn’t even like him. I just… don’t understand.

Anyway, here you go.

They especially liked him wearing the rubber gloves. I kinda like him with them too,  but I think if I ever want to display the piece, I’ll have to remake him. I was thinking of having him lying down with his forefeet crossed, too. I really hope I have time to make him for the Degree Show, but the way things are going now, I doubt I will. Maybe if I continue to stay late at college…



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