Fourth Year Sculpture… go!

I started this blog to catalogue my images, both for back-up and so people can see what I’ve been up to! If you’re lucky, perhaps I’ll add some “in process” shots for y’all. As fourth year is nearly over, looks like I’ll have to do a recap.

So as you can see, I started off the year with some latex skin-making. I’d kind of started doing that at the end of third year, and had decided it was a good process. I’ll explain it in a bit. So I really wanted to go for a sort of… dog outfit, but somehow came out with this rather gross flat skin in the process. It doesn’t look at all like it’s meant to be worn, but that was okay at that stage; I hadn’t started thinking yet. It was all about experimenting with the material at the start of the year.

Here’s one of my dog heads. I was kind of counting on the coat hook and hoop to give the visual clue that this was some item that could be worn, or had been used in some way. Retrospectively I could have done a lot more.

Just experimenting a bit more.

I found that stuffing the heads with sawdust worked really nicely. Aside from the nice colour combination, the latex heads took their original shape. If you squeezed them they felt… well, like a skin with soft stuff inside. It’s a shame I can’t really encourage people to squeeze them.

That’s all for now! I’ll resume again very soon.



2 responses to “Fourth Year Sculpture… go!

  1. Looks g-rate! hope 4th year is all going well deary! xx

  2. This is fantastically gross. I’m lovinittttt

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