More Sculpture… coming soon!

Why hello!

So I’ve mostly been working on my comic project with James as I say, but recently I received an email from the Pier Arts Centre in Orkney inviting me to exhibit in their Orkney Graduates show. It’ll be taking place between February and March of next year (2013) though I think dates are still uncertain at this stage.

I’ve decided to make something new for the show, (mostly because of the contempt I feel for most of the stuff I created during uni…) so I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to make. Animal forms are definitely high up in the list as usual, and I was thinking of potentially revisiting the black silicone I used before, as I feel like I haven’t used the material to its full potential just yet. We shall see! Drawings and brainworks may be afoot!

Despite the rising fear of coming back to contemporary sculpture, I’m really excited to be exhibiting in Orkney, especially in the Pier Arts Centre and alongside friends.


Don’t wait for me

Well hello!

So I’ve not been focusing on sculpture at all lately. I’m currently working on a project with my boyfriend which will eventually become a comic; which we may or may not post online. In preparation for this alongside the writing, I’ve been practicing my drawing, which you can see the results of on my tumblr.

I’ve got a long way to go, guys. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile I won’t be updating here much, but feel free to check on my tumblr if you ever wish to know if I’m doing anything at all ever.

Goodbye for now!

A quick look back…

Here’re some images from the prosthetics short-course I did in Glasgow in August ’11.

These photos don’t include the lengthy process of casting our own faces, and creating fibreglass positives of our face to build the clay on top of. Just the sculpting and application process.

Here’s the clay sculpt I made on top of my own face.

What I sculpt in the positive is directly cast into silicone, like so! You can see how thick the silicone is in places, and how thin and translucent it is in others. We used platinum based silicone for this cast, which is an absolutely amazing material (but very expensive…)

I had a little bit extra so I uh, smeared it all over my arm and added some fake blood. I will not be doing that again… it took a lot of my arm hair with it when I peeled it off…

So here he is after many, many hours of colouring. Because of the flexible nature of the silicone, you can’t straight up paint it because the paint cracks and flakes off. So to colour the silicone I had to mix oil paint with a very small amount of the plat gel silicone, and some white spirit to thin it out. To keep as much of the skin texture as I could, I had to keep the layers very thin, and just add washes one by one. It took me 10 hours to get to this stage.

Next up was hair punching. To embed the hair into the silicone, you have to stab small strands of hair in one by one, and dictate the direction of the hair. Sounds boring, but I found this part strangely therapeutic.

Eyebrow close-up.

Here’s a fellow student kindly glueing the appliance to my face. Yes, that’s me!

Full appliance with teeth and my hair covering the seams. Sadly we were pushed for time so we couldn’t affix the eye “flaps” to my eyelids so they look a bit rubbish.

Showing the flexibility of the appliance (despite being very thick in places)

My lovely crusty face after removal of my friend.

Despite being so tired I was basically dead on my feet at the end of the course, it was one of the most beneficial things I’ve done in regards to my career. I basically learned the fundamental practices for being a prosthetic make-up artist. Couldn’t have been happier with the outcome too.

More another time pals.


Hello, is it me you’re looking for? …didn’t think so,

Right so I’m thinking of giving this site a bit of an overhaul. In retrospect I am not a big fan of my stuff from college so I think I might start over. Whether I’ll keep my old posts on here or not is still undecided!

So, meanwhile, hang tight, if anybody is still out there.

I’ve been working on a few things here and there, I did a prosthetics course where I learned the basics of casting a head and creating a plat gel face application, and I also did some work experience on a real life set for a TV show pilot! But I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to post about that. Maybe I’ll update you if it actually gets signed to a broadcaster!

I’ve done a couple of other bits and bobs, and I’m thinking of creating a tumblr for any drawings I do, which I’ll link to this blog.

Wellp, that’s it, maybe you’ll be hearing from me soon!

Mini Hiatus

So I must apologise for being so absent lately – I am currently between flats, and working on taking a good rest after the Show. I’ve got some images of the dismantling of the show (sticks and twigs EVERWHERE) so I’ll no doubt post those next time.

On Thursday I’m off to Crete for a couple of weeks, so, depending on the state of the internet there, I may or may not be posting. I plan to get some drawing and writing done while I’m there, as it’s a good setting to get the creative juices flowing.

Once I’m settled into my new flat at the end of July, I’ll get back into a regular posting schedule.

Until next time, adios!


A Nice Surprise

So an image of mine has been used on the info page for the Degree Show! I’m thrilled!

Meanwhile, the show is opening to the public tomorrow! Last night was the busniess opening, and tonight is the friends and family private view. It’s exciting, but… I’m just so exhausted. I’ve been running around trying to fix things for the last few days and I think I’ve finally run out of juice! I can’t wait for a nice rest.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a couple of other projects in the pipeline, but I don’t have much to show just now. I’ll keep the info coming though, as things move along!

I’ll possibly post some images of the private view, I’m still deliberating on whether or not to bring my camera…


Degree Show Website

So here‘s my entry in the offical ECA Degree Show website.

If you navigate through the site you can see other student’s entries, including students from other disciplines! I reccomend it, it looks like it’s going to be a cracking show.